Personal Stylist, Latoya D. Brown, makes it easier for busy women to
define their style, elevate their wardrobe, and stay well dressed.


Shop Smart. Dress Well.

Stop walking into stores only to end up purchasing the exact outfit the mannequin is wearing. Instead, shop with intention. Learn to shop for pieces that match your personal style and lifestyle. Spend your hard earned money on clothes that enhance the clothes you already own. Buy what you need and only what you love.

Be the woman in your office and your social group with effortless style. It is possible.


personal styling

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You have a closet full of clothes, yet you are stalled every morning when it is time to get dressed.  Your demanding career and full lifestyle doesn’t afford you the time to fuss over what you’re going to wear, so you put something on and get on with the day.

You deserve to feel just as amazing as the life you lead.