3 Fall-worthy Jackets Better Than Your Basic Blazer

You don’t need a basic black blazer to look professional. It is entirely possible to make a positive and powerful first impression without wearing one.


The blazer is often the first piece you buy to build a professional wardrobe. And it makes sense. It’s the cornerstone of great suiting.  You pull it out for every interview.  It works with printed skirts, patterned trousers, evening dresses, and jeans. A well-tailored black blazer automatically conveys authority and professionalism, but it is your only option when you want to look put-together.  


The anatomy of the black blazer - defined shoulder, tailored waist, and strong color - is the reason it's so effective. Those same features can be found in other pieces that not only communicate your power, but infuse your personality into you dress.


The Topper

This is the Frankenstein of jackets - in a good way.  It’s part blazer, part trench coat and part cardigan.

The Moto Jacket

Adding a moto jacket to your wardrobe adds instant cool, but what makes a moto jacket a professional wardrobe piece?  The structure of this piece reads strong, tough, and confident.

The Vest

This piece has all the great parts of a blazer, but “look Mom, no sleeves!” 


Looking professional and capable doesn’t limit you to a closet of full of stuffy blazers. Are you ready to remix your closet and add a few pieces that are better than a blazer?  My Sort, Shop, and Style service is ready when you are.

Holiday Glamour

Look Book



The inspiration for this year's holiday look book came from our photographer, Julie Adams. She expressed the desire to capture some really amazing gowns. So that's what I gave her, striking silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and high drama jewels courtesy Sassy Jones Boutique and Lex's of Carytown.


During my pull at Lex's of Carytown, I started to imagine the occasions where these wonderful gowns were being worn. While I've spent time in the racks of high-end designers during New York Fashion Week, it's not often a private client will need to go all out glam. Many of my clients come to me wanting to step up their work-from-home wardrobe or elevate their professional attire for speaking engagements, which rarely involves a sheer ball gown with an embroidered floral overlay.


As I wrapped up my gown selection and chatted with Gigi, the manager at Lex's, she informed me that in addition to prom and wedding seasons, customer's often come in for military balls and charity galas. Then, almost as soon as we wrapped our photo shoot the next day, I connected with two new clients who asked me to style them for our new Governor's Inauguration Ball. I know just the place to start shopping!


Enjoy our holiday look book and get inspired to add a few fancy occasions to your calendar for 2018.

Happy New Year!


Editorial Team

Photographer: Julie Adams Photography

Stylist: Me, Latoya D. Brown

Model: Kaley Pleban

Makeup and Hair: Kirsty Wingfield



Featured Designers & Boutiques:

Sassy Jones Boutique 

Lex's of Carytown

Small Business Saturday > Black Friday

Happy Small Business Saturday! Why am I so excited? It's because I know, from personal experience, when you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance. While mine is more like a big ol' church shout, being the cause of someone's excitement makes me smile.

Today is not only a an opportunity for deserving local shops to connect with customers, it's an amazing opportunity for customers to save.

Style Party | By Design: An Evening of Fashion & Home Styling

A couple of weeks ago I hosted By Design: An Evening of Fashion & Home Styling at one of the best home interior shops in the area, Dolce Designs. The lovely team at Dolce invited my friends and me over for private shopping, refreshments (wine!), and a VIP 20% off discount.

In addition to highlighting spring’s best home décor and style finds, I was inspired to show how the details in your home can offer insight into your personal style.