You Deserve: Better than a basic blazer

You Deserve

Better Than A basic Black Blazer


You don’t need a basic black blazer to look professional. It is entirely possible to make a positive and powerful first impression without wearing one.


The blazer is often the first piece you buy to build a professional wardrobe. And it makes sense. It’s the cornerstone of great suiting.  You pull it out for every interview.  It works with printed skirts, patterned trousers, evening dresses, and jeans. A well-tailored black blazer automatically conveys authority and professionalism, but it is your only option when you want to look put-together.  


The anatomy of the black blazer - defined shoulder, tailored waist, and strong color - is the reason it's so effective. Those same features can be found in other pieces that not only communicate your power, but infuse your personality into you dress.


The Topper

This is the Frankenstein of jackets - in a good way.  It’s part blazer, part trench coat and part cardigan.

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Perfect vs. Progress

Guest post

How She Does It

I spend a lot of time styling women who are in charge. Whether they are a seasoned corporate executive or an entrepreneur just beginning, I learn so much from my clients.  The How She Does It series will allow me to share some of the career and life lessons I am privy to by being in the presence of such amazing women.  Even better, you'll get it straight from the source. Enjoy!

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