Photo Shoot Styling

How It Works

After your complimentary phone consultation, you'll have access to my calendar so you can book your styling session. Once scheduled, I will use the needs we identified together during the consultation to begin sending recommendations and preparing for our in-person session.

During our the session, I will review some of the items you already own, suggest new wardrobe items, and  show you how to accessorize each look to achieve your style goals. A visual guide and packing guide are delivered in 48 hours to help you remember the new looks and make getting ready for your photo shoot a breeze.


  • Complimentary phone consultation
  • One-on-one styling session
  • Visual guide of fully accessorized and styled looks
  • Packing list so you have everything you need for your photo shoot.


starts at $75

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*Service price does not include the cost of items purchased or travel expenses outside of the Richmond Metropolitan Area. You will be invoiced seperately for travel expenses.

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