Shop, & Style

How It Works

I will go out to local boutiques and pre-shop for you, based on your budget and the needs we identified together. All you’ll have to do is simply whisk yourself into a dressing room filled with terrific finds chosen by an expert for you.

Following your shopping trip, we’ll come back to your home to blend your new wardrobe items with your old favorites and show you how to accessorize each look with panache. A digital look book will help you remember the new looks and make getting dressed a breeze.

The Results

By the end of the Shop & Style, you will have:

  • Several fully styled looks that combine new finds with your existing wardrobe
  • A digital look book membership (6 months) to view and recreate all of your new outfits
  • Expert advice on how to shop for your shape, budget, and lifestyle



Schedule Your ServicE

*Service price does not include the cost of items purchased or travel expenses outside of the Richmond Metropolitan Area. You will be invoiced seperately or travel expenses.

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